Infinite Delight Photography is a small portraiture business that takes pride in capturing beautifully honest & swoon worthy  moments. Infinite Delight Photography is known for patience, flexibility and making sure the images produced are ones you will cherish forever.

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Hey there! Thanks for visiting!

My name is Mariela (Mary-Ella) and I am the gal behind the camera!

I grew up in New York City where art and inspiration was all around me. I first fell in love with photography when I took a film photography class in high school. It’s where I met the love of my life, oh & my husband too! I remember like it was yesterday being in the dark room and developing photographs all on my own. It was the first time I felt like this was what I was meant to do. Taking photographs came naturally to me. I continued this interest up until now, where I do it professionally. There's not a day that goes by where I don't snap a photo of anything!

When I'm not behind the camera, I'm kickin' back with my husband and our two crazy fur babes; Charlie, the golden retriever, & Emmie, the chocolate lab. They make our lives quite the extraordinary. I'm very family oriented and absolutely love just spending time with my family & friends.  I love capturing our own moments together as much as I love capturing my client's special moments.

My favorite thing to do is capturing raw emotions. I'm such an emotional being myself and I strive to have those honest and natural emotions show through my work. Being able to take someone back to a specific feeling and moment in time through a photograph is the goal every time!

You will find me chasing sunsets! It's that golden light that I seek to really bring out anything that I photograph. The warm, soft effects on my images is the goal every time, which is why I get down in the dumps with my sun isn't out! I'm such a "wow look at the sky" person and you'll hear me say "omg the sunset right now" aaaa lot.

I live by faith in all that I do.  Each day and night I speak to the big man upstairs and thank Him for all of my accomplishments and all that my family and I have together. If it wasn't for Him and His blessings, I wouldn't be where I am today.