your birth experience

One of the most intimate & momentous events is that of the birth of your baby. I'm sure the last thing on your mind is having a stranger see you at your most vulnerable state. So many things happen during this time and before you know it, your baby takes their first breath! You are in pain, exhausted, and you just pushed out a human being! These moments are fleeting and birth photography preserves that memory in time for you to look back at the strong, kick ass mama you were and powerful miracle of child birth!

Having a birth photographer is worth it because this special, tear-jerking, once in a lifetime moment is like no other thing in the world and you'll want to relive it by looking at beautiful photographs & videos. I will not only be there to capture this journey for you, but I will be there to hold your hand and encourage you through it all as well.   


Frequently asked questions


How "graphic" are the photos/video?

My job is to make sure you are comfortable with me in the room and it is YOUR preference on exactly what you want captured and when. I can easily be the fly on the wall if need be or be right by your side. I will never take photos of anything you don't want me to. 

Do hospitals allow photography in the birthing suites?

I have photographed births in 4 of the surrounding hospitals in my area and they do allow it as long as you make them aware of your request to have a birth photographer. Speak to your birth providers to set up a plan for your birth experience.

When will I know to let you know when it's time?

This part is the trickiest. Births can be so unpredictable so I must be on call at all times nearing and during your labor process. Things can change and happen so quickly but they can also be very slow too! You will have my number to call at anytime, yes even at 3am! I like to know when you are heading to the hospital, when you've settled in a room and how things are progressing like: Will you be given medication? How many cm are you dilated? I usually arrive whenever you are 5-7cm dilated.

What if things get intense and I scream or look awful?

I am not here to judge you in any way. I respect every part of your labor process and will never make you feel uncomfortable with the way you carry yourself through it. It can be a hard and scary thing for some and I do my best to capture these moments beautifully and tastefully but this is YOUR moment and if you decide you want some space I will courteously leave the room until you decide it is OK for me to come back in.

What if I need a C-Section?

All births are unique in their own ways and sometimes things take an unexpected turn. This is why it is crucial you speak with your birth providers to come up with a plan if anything were to happen. I will gladly join you in the operating room, if allowed. If it is not, I will join as soon as possible in recovery.

Why are most of your birth photography images shown in black & white and others in color?

Very often, the lighting in hospital rooms are extremely low or extremely harsh florescent lighting. In most cases, editing in black & white creates a better quality image. Not only can it even out skin tones, but it can bring in the focus of the moment and highlight the beauty in the emotions. There are SO many things going in the room that are full of distractions and crazy colors. Black & white images take away the distractions of those things. If you have a preference, simply express it and I will accommodate your requests!

How do I go about booking a birth photography session?

The first step is to contact me with your due date and where you plan on giving birth. It is best to get in touch early if you can! If you need to meet with me in person for a consult, I'd be more than happy to set that up if it makes you feel more secure in who will be in the room with you for this amazing, intimate experience! I have an online booking system where we can reserve your birth session and review anything else we have not covered!


What is a Lifestyle Newborn Session?

A lifestyle newborn session is taken place in the comfort of your own home. These sessions are about the love and connection with your new baby! Newborns are so unpredictable in the first few weeks so having the session in your home makes it easier to have anything you need, ready at hand. I capture those special little moments with each family member with the baby and some of the baby alone. It is preferred to do these when the baby is sleepiest. I include some props and you are free to include anything you want to as well. Having the session in your home brings a certain calmness as it is where you live and make memories everyday! You do not have to worry about everything being "perfect." Your baby will cry, pee, poop and may be wanting to eat mostly and that is OK because I go with the flow of your baby's needs. You'll want to remember the details in how tiny they were, how they fit in your arms, their little hands wrapped around your finger and their cute mini pouty lips. During this session, I want you to just relax and trust me in creating these beautiful images you'll cherish as they keep growing!